Bring your event to life with indoor LED screens

Do you want an original way to advertise your products or services at a trade fair or corporate event? Or to display an advertising campaign in a modern, creative way? Our indoor LED screens communicate your message quickly to a specific target group in a way that really hits home. They are the perfect solution for broadcasting images on a magnificent large scale at all kinds of indoor events. 

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Guaranteed quality

Thanks to our years of experience, we know that good-quality screens are very important to get your message across clearly. That is why we only use screens with the latest technology. And that means we always have the right solution for your project at hand.


Unlimited creative possibilities

The high image quality of the screens enables you to display detailed moving pictures and images in widescreen mode just the way you want. Thanks to the innovative Frameled system, you can incorporate the screens seamlessly into different standbuilding systems to create an impressive video wall, linking them together without difficulty in every direction. This really brings your message to life and attracts visitors from far and wide. Nothing beats catchy video images, all kinds of animations or moving graphics.

Our indoor LED screens have a modular set-up, so they can be put together in the size required for your project. The fact that the intensity of the screens can be dimmed to suit the surrounding light makes them an attractive choice. In other words, they will emit less light in dark rooms than in well-lit spaces. This means you can create optimal light intensity at every location, guaranteeing that they will attract attention.


More information about indoor LED screens

Do you want to find out more about the possibilities of our indoor LED screens? Do you have any more questions, or do you want to receive an extra quotation without obligation? If so, contact us. We look forward to thinking things through with you.

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