Extrema Outdoor Belgium 2019

Extrema Outdoor Belgium is an electronic music festival held each year in Houthalen-Helchteren. This is a community in Limburg, in the north-east of the country. Line-ups including the stars of underground house and techno make the festival one of the biggest and best events in the region. The lively countryside and a beautiful lake provide an ideal setting for a summer festival.

Screenit is always at hand

Extrema Outdoor Belgium has been a good customer for Screenit for years. This year’s festival, between 7 and 9 June 2019, was no exception: we helped build four of the seven festival districts. A district consists of a stage with equipment including LED screens and sound installations. 

Distrikt 2

We installed a large sound system in distrikt 2, known as the techno stage in the sand. We also put up a stretch tent above the DJ booth.

  • Main PA: 16x Loud professional formula F212 Powered by Powersoft X8 – Danté
  • Delay: 10x Loud Professional VH Layher 112 + EMD
  • 24x loud professional Formula F221
  • Powered by Hoellstern 20.4 DSP

Distrikt 3

We installed a sound system in distrikt 3.

  • 12x Loud Professional VH Layher 112+EMD
  • 15x Loud Professional 218r SUB
  • All powered by Hoellstern amplifiers

Distrikt 5

We provided all the LEDs on stage in distrikt 5, which the public knows as the main stage. That meant a total of 80m2 in 8MM outdoor. We also installed a DJ roof cover.

  • 80m2 – M8 outdoor led 
  • Dj roof cover 7 x 4m with transparant roof

Distrikt 6

We installed 140m2 13MM Outdoor SMS Mesh LEDs in distrikt 6.

  • 140m2 P13 smd mesh led

General festival site

Besides the equipment for the different districts, we installed emergency screens all over the festival site.

  • Overal site – emergency screens 
  • 5 x 4m2 – 4.8MM outdoor
  • Remote signage control

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