Thé Dansant & Screenit: partners and friends for many years

The event that started out ten years ago as a small-scale dance event on a Sunday afternoon has now grown into one of the best-known daytime party concepts in Belgium, in the form of a series of afternoon parties. Thé Dansant is a travelling party concept with a different theme in an unusual location each time. We are proud to be able to contribute to it each year!

More than a unique experience

Thé Dansant organises daytime costume parties on a range of themes at the most idyllic and unique locations. For example, they have organised a party at Villers Abbey on the theme of the popular fantasy series Game Of Thrones. More recently, the Africa Museum in Tervuren was the setting for Afrohouse. Partygoers are always asked to dress to suit the theme. This means that attendees and organisers all feel that they are really part of the event.

The festivals are held on four or five Sunday afternoons in summer and one occasion in winter. Attendance figures have grown steadily over the years, from 200 in the early days to at least 3000 today. The music has moved with the times as well, but the unique atmosphere has remained.

Screenit: key supplier to Thé Dansant

Screenit has been a preferred partner and good friend of the organisers for years. We supply the stage structure, tents, DJ roof, light and sound and provide functional lighting on site. We are also responsible for the stage design, working together with the organisers and decor team. Clearly this requires plenty of time and preparation. But we always look forward to it, and we are honoured to contribute to this unique production.


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