One pixel bar, a million shapes

Each project or light integration at an event has its own needs, preferences and budget. That’s why Lucenti created the all new Blackwave Collection.

This series is the result of light technicians, designers and rental companies giving their extended feedback from real-life experiences. Ultra-light & slim design, weatherproof, RGBW pixel controlled and all at a competitive price: these Pixel bars unleash a whole universe of creative possibilities.

Not just an ordinary pixel bar

The Blackwave Collection is the latest addition to the Belgian brand’s portfolio. It consists of pixel bars with a 20mm pitch and comes in two lengths. The BW100 consists of a 100cm LED bar with 50 pixels and the BW50 comes with a 50cm LED bar with 25 pixels. Both are powered and controlled by the designated PixlDrive1.

Any pixel of these pixel bars can be fully controlled in any shape at any given time. With 50 powerful pixels per meter, these bars give unparalleled output even during bright daylight without the need for smoke. Besides, the new Blackwave Collection has interchangeable filters for different applications or effects. The double chambered lightweight metal housing provides enough strength to interlock multiple bars. Additionally, a rail is included to ensure easy mounting and a variety of hanging possibilities to fit any situation imaginable.

Diversity of filters and covers

The Blackwave pixel bar comes with a stealth black filter (standard). Optionally there are transparent Clear Flat, Frosted Flat, Frosted Tube and Frosted Square covers available to maximize the versatility of these limitless Pixel bars. If you want to make full use of the possibilities, do involve our team at the start of your planning. With the latest and greatest new products and ideas we will wow your guests and contribute to ensure your event is a memorable one. With over 1.000 meters of Blackwave pixel bars for hire we are able to create the most original setups possible.


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