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This is our way to keep you up to date with the latest technical developments and offer you tips and tricks for how to use them optimally and what to watch out for when organising an event. Tip: visit and follow our Facebook page as well for the latest news.

Drive-in cinema – C-Mine Genk

During the summer of 2020, we had to think about alternative ways of recreation. A drive-in cinema allows people to ...
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Paradise City Festival 2019

Paradise City Festival – a paradise in Perk. In 2015 Paradise City was created. They had a certain vibe, a ...
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Behind the scenes

No achievement or an impressive production, but a nice timelaps created by our technician Ode Maddelein. This movie illustrates perfectly ...
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Busworld Brussels 2019

Indoor LED screens for Yutong during Busworld 2019 Over the years Busworld Europe has grown into the largest and most ...
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Brussels Motor Show 2020

In January 2020, Brussels Expo became the biggest showroom of the country. Screenit provided indoor LED screens for 6 different ...
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Fruit Logistica Berlin – COLEACP

It’s no secret that during winter, Screenit mainly focusses on trade fairs and corporate events. In January 2020, our team ...
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Sigep Rimini – Callebaut

For the second year in a row, we teamed up with Ampli and Callebaut for the creation of their stand ...
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Kölsch Extended weekend

The technical production of Kölsch Extended weekend was fully designed and executed by Screenit. On 6 and 7th December, our ...
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Putteke Winter 2019

Screenit en Putteke Winter, a match made in heaven! Putteke Winter has become a fixed value at provincial Domain De ...
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Scaff, stage en large LED screen for Hangar – no 6 – Brussels

The 6th edition of Hangar Brussels was again a success. For this edition we've installed a large video screen on ...
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Amélie Lens all night long @ Waagnatie

The technical direction of Amélie Lens all night long that took place at Waagnatie Antwerp was fully designed and executed ...
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One pixel bar, a million shapes

Each project or light integration at an event has its own needs, preferences and budget. That's why Lucenti created the ...
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3.1 MM LEDSKIN Indoor LED for ONS Norway

A beautiful creative set-up by Screenit with 3.1 MM LEDSKIN indoor LED for an exhibition stand at ONS Norway.
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Indoor LED for Ardo

2.5 MM indoor modular LED with perfect corners for Ardo. Attract your customers from different sides!
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Extrema Outdoor Belgium 2019

Extrema Outdoor Belgium is an electronic music festival held each year in Houthalen-Helchteren. This is a community in Limburg, in ...
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Thé Dansant & Screenit: partners and friends for many years

The event that started out ten years ago as a small-scale dance event on a Sunday afternoon has now grown ...
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