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This is our way to keep you up to date with the latest technical developments and offer you tips and tricks for how to use them optimally and what to watch out for when organising an event. Tip: visit and follow our Facebook page as well for the latest news.

Behind the scenes

No achievement or an impressive production, but a nice timelaps created by our technician Ode Maddelein. This movie illustrates perfectly ...
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One pixel bar, a million shapes

Each project or light integration at an event has its own needs, preferences and budget. That's why Lucenti created the ...
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Extrema Outdoor Belgium 2019

Extrema Outdoor Belgium is an electronic music festival held each year in Houthalen-Helchteren. This is a community in Limburg, in ...
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Thé Dansant & Screenit: partners and friends for many years

The event that started out ten years ago as a small-scale dance event on a Sunday afternoon has now grown ...
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