Choose Loud Professional™ for sensational sound

Are you looking for sound equipment for a festival or dance event? A decent sound installation is vital at every event. We distribute the Loud Professional brand. For more than 15 years, this Italian brand’s speakers have been renowned for their superior quality and sensational sound. Get ready for a revolutionary audio experience.

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A unique design

The sound is a genuine pleasure to the ears, but the unique design and stylish appearance of the Loud Professional range are also a delight to the eyes. The simple, elegant lines, contrasting colours on the speakers and special "Black ’n’ White” features also make it an attractive choice for permanent installations. After all, the details are what make all the difference!


High performance and clear sounds

Loud Professional™ has developed rapidly in recent years to become a specialist in the field of professional audio equipment. It has the optimal range of speakers to create a genuine sound sensation at every event. This has been proven at many major festivals, including Extrema Outdoor Belgium, where we provided the sound installations for various stages as a Loud Professional distributor.

We offer a suitable solution for every festival and dance event, including personal advice. Together, we consider the needs in your situation to ensure that the event is an unforgettable experience for your visitors. The size of the event, the number of visitors and the scenery are all taken into account. If desired, we can also come up with the lighting concept and the required DJ equipment. In short: we offer an overall concept, so that you only have a single contact person.


Meer informatie over Loud Professional

Would you like more information about the different possibilities? If so, contact us. We look forward to giving you personal advice, and would be happy to provide a quotation with no obligation. That means you know what you’re up against.

Do you want more information about Loud Professional equipment? Download a free brochure below with an overview of their range.

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